Path to Purchase Summit
(formerly the Shopper Marketing Summit)
Early bird rates expire January 31, 2018
Today’s retail environment is desperately seeking definition.
It’s a complex, multidimensional space driven by overlapping and intertwining influences and strategies that are swirling together to create a messy – but vibrant – canvas of possibility and opportunity. 
Thankfully, P2PSummit exists to re-imagine the future of commerce in this transformational state; it’s where leaders come to learn what lies ahead on the path to purchase.
Main Stage Keynotes from:
Efficient. Effective. Impactful.
  • You won’t see a laundry list of speakers on our roster because not just anyone can speak at P2PSummit. Our content is carefully vetted and our presenters are held to the highest standard. 
  • You won’t find “casual marketers” at this event. Our attendees represent the industry’s most passionate leaders and innovators who control strategy and decisions that are shaping the industry. They aren’t just faces in a crowd, but are the ones molding the future of retail marketing and leading the charge on the path to purchase. 
  • You’ll meet people driven by a common belief and passion. And you’ll emerge a more confident you, able to face necessary challenges to thrive in the retail landscape. 
  • A computer screen can’t replace a handshake; so get out there and mingle. 
Home of the Shopper Marketing Celebration
One of the core tenets of the Path to Purchase Institute is recognition. We believe it's our duty to identify individuals and companies that are successfully leading the direction on the path to purchase. 
Each year Effie Worldwide, in partnership with the Path to Purchase Institute, presents the winners of the Shopper Marketing Effie Awards. This prestigious award is given to integrated campaigns that best demonstrate how they effectively solve shopper marketing challenges, connect with shoppers and influence behavior along the path to purchase.  
They will be presented in conjunction with the25th annual Shopper Marketing Magazine's Hall of Fame honors. From the work they produce to their daily business practices, these three deserving inductees represent the very best of the industry. They foster best practices and demonstrate a supreme understanding of all marketing efforts along the path to purchase.
Built to Deliver an Innovative Experience
To successfully navigate the retail industry’s disruptive landscape, we must disrupt our very own mindset—evolving in the way we think and learn. This year's P2PSummit is re-imagined to include a variety of inspirational learning moments.
Visit the main
stage to hear macro trends that are transforming the industry and your shoppers.
Case Studies
Listen to in-depth case studies and generate specific strategies to support your programs.
Collaborative Sessions
Hear engaging panel discussions covering the future of retail.
Spotlight Sessions
Learn from powerful, 30-minute presetations with key takeaways.
Take a deep dive into succeeding in the age of Amazon.
Meet & Greets
Connect with and learn from peers & influencers during one-on-one conversations.
Designed for a Forward-Thinking Community
P2PSummit is an annual gathering of retailers, consumer goods marketers, agency executives and solution providers united in their interest and passion for shopper engagement along today's ever-evolving path to purchase.
Brand Marketers
Uncover actionable strategies for migrating to an omnichannel engagement model, while embracing a shopper framework that drives ROI. 
Discover end-to-end solutions and collaborative partnerships that will drive shopper loyalty and category growth with every type of shopper.
Agency Leads
Learn how to harness evolving shopper behavior and turn it into robust shopper programs that drive growth for clients and partners.
Solution Providers
Explore how to leverage data to create actionable insights that deliver campaign results, and uncover stategies for reaching the omnichannel shopper. 
More than 600 attendees gather to collaborate, learn and share insights about driving shopper engagement along the path to purchase. 
Sponsorship & Exhibiting Opportunities
P2PSummit is the perfect platform to enhance visibility among leaders at the retail industry's more reputable senior-level conference. The Solutions Gallery introduces your services to new and existing partners.
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Only P2PSummit is backed by the member community of the Path to Purchase Institute, the most trusted and reliable source for connecting thought-leaders and facilitating the sharing of industry insights.

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