WSL Strategic Retail

Job Title

CEO & Chief Shopper

Speaker Bio

In 1986, Wendy founded WSL, a global retail strategy consultancy, to "get marketers out of their ivory towers to meet their shoppers on the selling floor.” Today, that floor is both real and virtual.

Wendy is recognized as one of the innovators of shopper insights. WSL helps clients build innovative shopper-led retail strategies in the US and globally.

WSL’s credo is, “If you understand shoppers and their ‘shopping life®’ you’ll see the future of retail.” Wendy and her team do just that. Since 1989, WSL has published How America Shops®, a highly regarded survey that tracks shoppers and retail, and successfully predicts where both are headed.

Wendy has extensive global experience in marketing, retailing and research, first in her native Australia where she learned to be a passionate shopper, then globally.

She’s frequently called upon by media to provide insight into retail and shopping, and is a recognized speaker, addressing business and educational organizations around the world.

In 2015, Wendy was recognized as “One of the Most Powerful Women in Beauty” by Women’s Wear Daily/Beauty Inc. And in 2016, she was honored as “A Women of Excellence” by the Path to Purchase Institute.