Moonshot Thinking: Are You Ready, Willing & (Most Importantly) Able?
Wednesday, March 14, 12:15 PM - 12:45 PM
Betsy Vankula, Head of Retail, Google
Prepare to get a little uncomfortable and think big. A "moonshot" project exists somewhere between the audacious and pure science fiction. The goal is 10X improvement -- not 10% -- because, as the saying goes, "A 10% improvement just means you're doing the same thing as everybody else. You might not fail spectacularly, but you won't succeed wildly either."  
Moonshot Thinking can enable a company to disrupt its industry and truly beat the competition. It focuses your thinking, motivates your team and helps attract the best talent. And it is beyond critical for any one operating in today's retail environment. Consider: 
* It's official: 42% of Black Friday '17 sales were on mobile devices. Are you where your customers are? Really? 
* Everyone knows this year's marketing buzzword: "Artificial Intelligence." But what is your company really doing about it?
* And if AI still has you flummoxed, where do you stand with machine learning, automation and cognitive computing? 
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Speaker Bio:
Betsy Vankula, Head of Retail, Google
Betsy Vankula serves as Google’s Head of Retail in the Chicago office. She has been with Google over 13 years where she's held various roles focused on retail, travel and B2B partnerships. In her current role, Betsy identifies and oversees innovative digital advertising, marketing and technology solutions for large retail partners to better serve the changing needs of the consumer. She has also led Google’s women leadership program for the Chicago office for the past five years. Betsy has nearly 20 years experience in the technology and online media space.
Betsy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from Ohio University. She currently resides in Chicago with her husband and three children.